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Heraldic Artist

In Barbados it is common to restrict “art” to painting, sculpture and possibly printmaking.

Consequently, it is a pleasure to view exploratory artwork created by Heraldic Artist Ann Rudder. Ann continuously researches aspects of notable events, with artistic methods to learn “History Behind Heraldry”.. Multiple mixed mediums, such as Barbados Blackberry Sheep hide, textiles, acrylic paint, appliqué and “found objects” become collages of unique experience.

Her reference exhibition, “The Heraldry of the Commonwealth Caribbean”, is within the Barbados National Collection of Art. Her allegorical works are: “We Came On Different Ships - Re Viewing
Slavery in Barbados” and “Betsy Lemon - Setting Together, Quilting Softly”. Her referenced arts are: “The Barbados Landslip - 150 Not Out” and “The Armorial Achievement of Bridgetown Barbados”.

Phone: +246-228-5868

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