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Print Maker

Graduate of the Barbados Community College, Aurelia Walcott obtained her BFA in 2008. Her focus in printmaking started while studying at the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts in Cuba, and has seen her work in etching, block printing and mono types. Since entering this speciality, she has participated in group shows in Cuba, Barbados, France, Belgium and Venezuela. While her preferred technique is etching, she often combines methods creating layers of texture while favouring a warm palette.

While the subject matter of the work varies, a recurring interest in the feminine and female form can be sensed. My inspiration and motifs vary slightly depending on what I am researching. Illustration and graphic design are heavy inspirations for me as I appreciate the lines they use.

I find it interesting how they layer their images and the fresh outlook created in their work. I also admire the combination of technology and traditional media in illustration. My past works have explored texture
and colour harmonies within the prints. Themes have included social considerations of hair in todays culture, water and nature, and the
theme of the phoenix and rebirth.” – Aurelia

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