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Artist, Photographer, Dreamer

Corrie, self-taught, has photographed and also scribbled and painted on everything she could find since childhood.

Her special love of the Caribbean is apparent in her photography and her art. In her daily travels, and also world travels, Corrie always has a camera close to hand to capture those elusive human moments and those 'around the corner' views that delight.

he back light of a flower, a turtle popping its head up above water, a lonely worker in the fields, a huddle of ladies gossiping under and umbrella, the balletic movements of the fishermen as they use their nets. So much that
surrounds us.

Corrie is also keeping a photographic record over the years of the wonderful Barbadian architecture of the wooden houses which are fast being replaced by cement abodes. She has series of old doors and windows, some of which are here no more.


Also an artist she works and experiments in all mediums, not restricting herself in subject matter, going from clean representational watercolours to large abstract pieces in acrylics and mixed media. She has also discovered the delights of digital art.

Phone: + 246-424-3965

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