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Gail Pounder-Speede

Multimedia Installation Artist and Creative Educator

Gail is a practicing professional artist with two solo exhibitions under her belt and collaborations in many international and national exhibitions.

She refers to herself as a creative educator because she beliefs that each child with a special gift requires a “creative nudge” that will enable it to unravel its individual uniqueness.

Gail holds a BFA and an MA Cultural Studies along with an Advanced Certificate in Education Management and a PgDip Education
and Leadership.

“My art is moody; it reflects my past, present and future. The pieces move in and out of each other to create an inter play of music and dance. My pieces relate to each other, forming an environmental installation; a soft passionate painful journey into the heart of a life. The art may exist, on its own, for it will have its own story; yet, the different pilgrimages create a scrap book of travels. The journey continues with each new horizon.“


Phone: +246-259-8374

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