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'Covid Diaries'

Updated: May 5, 2021

Produced by Alan Springer

Alan Springer

On March 17 th 2020 Barbados registered its first two cases of Covid-19 viral pandemic. As an island and a people, we were thrust fully into the fear, panic and protocols sweeping the world. For creative and film maker Alan Springer, it was important to video document the Covid experiences of people living in Barbados. He strongly believes “the content will add to the global drive to document the Covid-19 experience and will be a vital cog in the wheel when we come to archive our own experience in Barbados; and that it is an opportunity for persons to share their experience from which we can all learn. We will all benefit from the sharing of knowledge both in terms of the subject matter of the content and in terms of the formal considerations in the creative space.”

He was supported in his efforts with a Covid-19 Grant from the National Cultural Foundation of Barbados.

12 Interviewees

Amanda Trought - Visual Artist

Christian Paul Gibson - Dance and Film Student

Frank and Karlene Cossey - Creative Artists Entrepreneurs

Gail Carter - Teacher and Education Trainer

James Jolly - Personal Trainer, Health and Wellness Professional

Paul Gibson - Businessman and Health Professional

Paul Leacock - Pastor

Randy Harris – President, Barbados Football Association

Scott Kinder - Guest House Proprietor

Steve Trottman - Musician

Trisha Young Hinds - Restaurant and Bar Owner

Each video captures the individual’s experience. Even though a diversity of persons were

interviewed there is a common thread of disruption, major change, and readjustment.

Covid Diaries- a Front House Production with funding from the NCF

Artist Alliance Barbados is pleased to host this virtual photo exhibition which documents the making of ‘Covid Diaries’

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