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Updated: Mar 3, 2020


WE always hear

‘One cannot expect different results by doing the same things’

I started the year being asked

‘Is there anything you would wish for in the New Year’

‘More Money!’

Everything else in my life is great is just a lack of cash.

Many of us complain about the lack of capital

I do

So, what changes are you going to make more cash?

What make us change?

What is the catalyst for change?

And do we just change for change sake?

These pieces are a discussion about these three questions.

Give Thanks to our gracious hosts Argentine Ambassador,

H.E. Gustavo Pandiani and the Embassy of the Argentine Republic.

I feel as we truly hold hands in building our mutual prosperity

May your prosperity increase manifold?

And that we mirror each other.

Give Thanks to William Cummins who said,

‘You can do better than that.

You’ve studied this stuff.

You have to change the name from “New and Fresh” to something else

or I am not doing the poster.”

It was the time of year for change so “Resolutions” it was.

With that I left him with the info and he did the poster.

And then he sent me the inspiration


Give Thanks to our artists

All have been Godsends

Your efforts are appreciated

Without you ALL we would have no show

Give Thanks to Norma Springer for whipping us into shape.

I Give Thanks

Oneka Small | Curator Featured Artists • "Artmaker" Jared Burton • Amanda Trought Springer • Corrie Scott • Cy Hutchinson • Denyse Menard-Greendige • Fred Odle • Heather-Dawn Scott • Hebron Chism • Kadiejra O'Neal • Kenneth "Black" Blackman • Margaret Herbert • Martina Z Pile • Nick Whittle • Nyssa Haynes-Holder • Oneka Small • Parhelion • Tracy DeOlivere Greenidge

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