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Visual Artist

Shane Eastmond is a 26-year-old visual artist. He was born in Jamaica, however, raised in Barbados and formally trained in visual arts at the Barbados Community College.

Shane has always possessed a love for creating since a very young age. Since then, he has experimented with various types of visual art and with tremendous success Shane continues to push the envelope of what is possible with talent, acrylic paint and ink.

Today, he has mastered a style of his own, using primarily pen, ink and acrylic paint to create intricate freehand lines and patterns to produce complex forms. Shane possesses a distinct love for portraying animals and wildlife. His body of work shows that he is particularly inspired by the hummingbird - capturing its graceful, fleeting movements and
vivid colors.

Shane’s experiments incorporate unique textures, colors and use of line work. He is a storyteller unlike any other with pieces that continually evoke emotion with their immersive aesthetic.

The one consistent theme of his work is freedom and the freedom
of creativity.

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