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Image credit-
Queen Mother- Lisa Smith Fields
visions of
joy and pain,
of struggles
and triumphs,
of challenges and


Artists Alliance Barbados (aaB) is an open artists' collaborative founded on the energy of 'We Pledge Allegience' curated by Oneka Small in 2016.  It provides ad hoc opportunities to exhibit and sell work in pop-up galleries and by other non-traditional means.

aaB provides a structure for the promotion of the visual arts as artists, full of ideas and suggestions, shy away from the bureaucracy and organisational detailing that may be needed. 


aaB harnesses opportunities for diverse and powerful programming in the visual arts to highlight the range and depth of the contribution of art to national development across all sectors - social, environmental and economic. 


aaB works collaboratively with all parties to deliver selected programmes in orderly, impactful and innovative ways.   

Artists Alliance Barbados is non-profit corporation under the Laws of Barbados.  There is no formal membership process and members have decided against an overly rigid hierarchal management structure. Teams are configured with each project. 



What We Do

Pop-up exhibitions in familiar public spaces to break barriers of perception, stir conscious and subconscious thoughts, and open discussions on subjects of personal and national significance.

Our Mission

Connecting people with art for appreciation, growth, respect and success in the industry.

Our Vision

Support and contribute to
the visibility, growth and sustainability of the visual
arts through meaningful collaborations.


Your support makes it all possible—the pop-up galleries, the studio crawls, even the refreshments. You can support
in lots of different ways!


Your generosity goes towards programming for aaB to
grow and become more effective. 
Contact aaB to
make a donation.  


We always need volunteers
to make our events happen! Contact us if you’re interested.

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