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...ER Battle Cry

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Artists Alliance Barbados is extremely pleased to post our first opportunity call for 2022.

As we continue to weather the storms of the Covid pandemic and life, this year we seek to foster the development of art programming around the issues of this period of great change. “Humans are a process and not a thing”, according to Deepak Chokpra, and as such we are in constant motion, constantly experiencing and changing with each experience.

International Women’s Day is Tuesday, March 8th. We plan to use this celebration as a springboard for using art to examine and heal some of the challenges unique to women. Each sex has its special issues and circumstances; and as an interdependent species we acknowledge that we need each other to heal, however, the focus of this one is Woman. Artists of all genders and sexual orientation are invited to participate.

We are proposing a programme of events starting with an exhibition, hosted by the Argentine Embassy in Barbados, punctuated with installations, healing acts, collaborations with other artistic genres and professionals, and culminating in a visibly marked (Objects of Art) progression on our path to healing.


Healing WOMEN with Art

- The Battle Cry

(Opening Art Exhibition- hosted by the Argentine Embassy)

(…er is the surname of family; mothER, fathER, sistER, brothER, and of course HER)

Rise Woman Rise

This is a battle cry - Rise;

Shake off and break your shackles:

Hear us - sever your bonds;

Garb in fortitude, rise Queen’

Let us embark on a ‘pilgrimage’

Lisa Smith Fields - Curator

This call surrounds female concerns to renew ourselves through developmental and nurturing engagement. Some of the topics, issues and challenges that we seek to address are:

Women as providers of sustenance / Women in agriculture

Women in leadership / Tokenism and Power

Stages of life and the female body / Menopause and the feeling of invisibility

Healing from tragedy (Rape, abuse, harassment)

Overcoming loss

Body positive perspective

Colourism and beauty scars / eating disorders

Women labourer's

The balancing act - work, life, love



Tuesday March 1st Final submission of new work images

Wednesday March 2nd - Friday March 4th - Installation

Saturday March 5th Opening

Saturday April 16th Closing of exhibition

Water Healing Art

This is a curated show with an open call. We endeavour to have a mix of new and existing work.

This progressive initiative proposes a series of events encompassing Healing Arts as a catalyst for us to change, elevate and emerge as empowered beings. We aim to document the process in many forms including video.

Tentative Programme Schedule

Saturday March 5th Opening of ER – Battle Cry

at The Argentine Embassy

Guest speaker- Professor Eudine Barriteau

University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus.

The following are working ideas which would need discussion and planning:

March 19th Neighbours in Boots site visit

At a community level we will engage with a female led neighborhood community garden project that address community development in our evolving landscape. Neighbours in Boots promotes home gardening in a learning environment to inform better food culture, encourage movement to deter inactivity and non-communicable disease (NCD), address up-cycling, art in nature and creating financial streams within the community. They are a lively group of female with a smattering of supportive males.

2022 April ER - Remove the Mask

Healing from trauma


Saturday April 16th Closing of ER exhibition

Light and Water Healing Art

Suggested location: Drill Hall Beach

May ER - Owning your Beauty


June ER– From Tokenism to Power

Owning our power / Power Moves

In association with UWI

July ER – Stage of Beauty- Stages of life

August ER – Creating a Safe Space

September ER – Event to be determined

October ER Healing Progress Happening

(Format, location etc to come out of the process

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