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A Whole Nuddah Story

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Artists Alliance Barbados ends its year at the Argentine Embassy with ‘A Whole Nuddah Story’. This is an eclectic mix of four artists, Vanita Comissiong Gopwani, Shaquille Hewitt, Giselle Walker and Maria Stanford who together stand true to our mandate of displaying work from all ages and stages of development. All have not shown previously in this space so we end the year with something new.

Vanita Comissiong Gopwani (second left) is an established artist and a leading gallery owner. She has shown locally, regionally and internationally and is well known for her signature explosions of colour, stilt men and capturing distinctive Barbadian scenes. For this show we have also included selections of her merchandise featuring images of her work. She is one of the most successful visual arts creatives in the country.

Shaquille Hewitt (middle) is an emerging ceramicist. He is being fostered by the BIDC and displays with other ceramic groups. His love for diving is reflected in his work that mimics the forms he sees when underwater.

Giselle Walker, pseudonym Elle Rene (second right) is an illustrator, writer and photographer. She is passionate about all forms of art and literature and has won several awards in writing and photography. Giselle graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design, (Florida, USA) in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration, minoring in visual development and creative writing.

Maria Stanford, (third from right) a married mother of two teens is becoming familiar on the Barbados Visual Art Scene. She is trained in visual arts and interior design and considers herself privilege to have been tutored by Fielding Babb. She loves the outdoors and no landscape - from River Bay in the north to Nelson Street in the city - escapes her brushes. Her portfolio contains wildflower super-blooms, which are currently her favourite and feature in this show, seascapes and sea turtles, blue doors and a “Bodega Series” of still life which depict favourite food ingredients, in her own developing expressionistic style.

This is not a Christmas show but is so diverse that everyone visiting should be able to take home a Gift of Art. We wish a blessed yuletide season and we look forward to gathering and sharing with you again in 2020.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Oneka Small | Curator

December 2019 Featured Artists • Giselle Walker • N. Maria Standord • Shaquille Hewitt • Vanita Comissiong

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