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CDEMA Gift Portrait Challenge honoring past Executive Director - Ronald Jackson

Selected portrait - 'Man of Substance' - Acrylic on Canvas - by Lisa Smith Fields

Artists Alliance Barbados was engaged by CDEMA to work on a portrait of Ronald Jackson which would be presented to him as a gift for his 7 years of service to the organization.

We approach it from a position of providing the greatest opportunity to the greatest diversity of artists whilst aiming to ensure that he received a piece that he truly liked, being a patron and collector of Art.

aaB therefore designed a ‘Gift Portrait Pop Up Challenge’ where, through a general ‘Call’ 5 artists were shortlisted to work within their definitive styles to produce a diversity of portraits from which he would choose one as his gift.

Art is truly subjective, this format allowed him to be part of the decision process.

This was meant to be a surprise, so the artists were only given a photo of the subject.

It is a challenge to create a surprise portrait, as a real connection with the subject is an important element of portraiture.

The 5 shortlisted artists:

  • Amanda Trought

  • Barbara Pickering

  • Lisa Smith Fields

  • Sian Pampellone

  • Tracy Greenidge

have all produced highly commendable work in their definitive styles.

The vision of Artists Alliance Barbados is to ‘support and contribute to the visibility, growth and sustainability of the visual arts through meaningful collaborations. Therefore, we went one step further and staged a mini ‘Pop Up’ exhibition in his honour, which forms part of his farewell celebration.

Short listed submission - 'New Beginning' Mixed Media- Fabric - Amanda Trought

Short listed submission - 'Ronald Jackson' Oil on Canvas - Barbara Pickering

Short listed submission - 'Ronald Jackson- Elemental Duality ' Acrylic on canvas

Sian Pampellone

Short listed submission - 'Valiant' Digital - Tracy Greenidge

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