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Updated: Jul 29, 2021


When Artists Alliance Barbados invited me to get some artists together who are working in fresh, exciting ways, develop a concept and curate a show, I gave it some thought and said yes.

This show was originally scheduled for March 2020 – i.e. pre-Covid19 pandemic – and from the beginning, I invited artists who were working introspectively. What stories do they have to tell? What makes them tick and fuels their practice? How do they navigate their inner-space, whatever that may mean to them as individuals? The title of the show arose from there.

However, after the profound impact of the pandemic and its ripple effects on physical and mental health globally, the thoughts behind the show evolved to be two-fold. During lockdown, many artists became even more introspective, questioning their value and place in society in the face of extremely challenging circumstances. On the other hand, society turned to the arts during lockdown for respite, comfort and self-care, or simply a desire to engage more deeply and find meaning and connections despite what was happening in the world.

In some ways, artists were simultaneously being uplifted or celebrated while combatting their own feelings of futility, all the while continuing their internal struggles. This show became a chance for artists (whether they had been prolific or dormant during this time) to reflect on these and many other societal situations; holding mirrors up to ourselves and by extension our communities, ultimately led to even more interesting, thoughtful pieces – I think it is a better show now than it would have been before lockdown.

Artists Alliance Barbados is thrilled to work with both artists who have shown with them previously as well as welcoming new creatives into the mix. Thank you to Walter Bailey, Ancel Daniel, Alanis Forde, Anna Gibson, Versia Harris, Dominique Hunter, Juliana Inniss, Katherine Kennedy, Jaryd Niles-Morris, Shari Phoenix, Kia Redman, Russell Watson, Akilah Watts and Ronald Williams. All of the participating artists are inspirations to me.

I am proud to be working with Artists Alliance Barbados, and grateful for the opportunity to add “Curator” to my CV. I am also super thankful to The Frame & Art Co. for hosting me; it is an honour to be trusted with the task of curating a show in such a great space with a reputation of showcasing work of a very high calibre. Thank you to Kelly Gibson and the whole Frame & Art Team.

Please enjoy and buy.

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