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Four Men, One Gallery

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

One of the main goals of Artists Alliance Barbados is to foster greater prosperity within the arts. In a simple view this is a symbiotic relationship between artists-producer and viewer-consumer. Over the past three years we have sought to raise art appreciation levels, shatter ideas of who art is for by popping up exhibitions in non- traditional public spaces, and we have opened the gates to diversity; inspiring discussions and ideas of who and what can be shown. We are deeply committed to our policy of embracing all ages and stages of talent development.

As much as we embrace, we also seek to tear down the walls or break the silos that are detrimental to the true upliftment of the arts. We envision an artistic community that recognizes the contributions of each genre, movement, school and group. We are deeply aware of the benefits of the synergies created by unity. This year Artists Alliance Barbados actively sought to collaborate with established groups and institutions within the arts. This is very format and approach we took for our inaugural exhibition ‘We Pledge Allegiance’ (2016). We are extremely grateful to The Embassy of Argentina for providing us with the space for these collaborations to happen. What we have developed is a tripartite environment that truly reflects the ‘holding-of-hands’ which underpins the work ethic of the team led by Ambassador Gustavo Martinez Pandiani.

Under the Artists Alliance Barbados umbrella, the Embassy of Argentina has hosted an exhibition of the Contemporary Studio Ceramics group, a knowledge session for Fresh Milk Barbados with Chinese artist-in-residence Yu Gao, and now we welcome the exhibition of 6 PM Splash. Alex Mars, Rudy, Shane Eastmond and Von Hall who make up the core group are all extremely talented artists, but they are also entrepreneurs, creating a new market in the arts not generally seen in Barbados - the young and trendy. They are innovators and their trademark is the 6 PM Splash, aptly named as many in the group are heavily influenced by the Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism of the 1950s and 1960s. Similar to aaB they create a splash in non-conventional art spaces. This brings out a demographic of viewers who might not go to a gallery but wants the Instagram moment at 6 PM Splash art party with live painting, music and food.

We have sought to bring this energy into a gallery, kind of flipping their script, whilst furthering our goals of inclusion and diversity as we definitely seek to embrace the young and trendy within the Barbados art world.

Please enjoy the show.

Oneka Small | Curator

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