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Exhibition opens Thursday May 20th - Friday 18th June

Curatorial Statement

The theme of the exhibition is an extension of the Non - Traditional exhibition which was first debuted at the CaFA 2021 Fair. Non - Traditional is an exploration of contemporary expressions of Caribbean identity, with a focus on fine art and digital art.

As we move further and further away from the generations that created what has been deemed ‘tradition’ in Barbados and the Caribbean I am on a search to identify the narratives that are currently being produced by Caribbean artists today. Exploratory Traditional is therefore work that has a connection with traditional Caribbean imagery or stories but is realized in a modern context that reflects the artist and engages the viewer in an unprecedented way.

This exhibition ‘Reality’ goes on to explore the realities created by artists when expressing themselves and their culture. Digital Art and NFTs have opened up a new way for artists to express themselves and this exhibition is an intersection of the forms of realities that can be created.

Zoe Osborne


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