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Updated: Mar 3, 2020

“I am excited about being Black.” Anonymous

African Heritage month feels like the Pan Africanist Christmas.

Libation is poured to open the way.

Thanks is given to Ancestors.

There is coming together, food, music and merriment

Africa feels alive and well.

I am excited about being African

At least, one day this month,

the greatest majority of our people will

learn about Africa,

wear African and African inspired clothes,

and watch ‘The Black Panther’, Marvel studios movie.

It seems as though more people than ever are excited about being Black, African and Black African.

Panel discussion

Sunday 18th February 2018

Consenting artists from the show, Adrian Green, Dr. Nancy Jacobs,

Dr. Deryck Murray

3 – 5 pm viewing of display and discussion

Retentions is the contribution of Artists Alliance Barbados to the 2018 Celebrations of African Heritage month. The work selected is from the collections of some of our supporters. They have been to the continent and brought them back to proudly display in their homes:

Allan Cummins

Ann and Eric Small

Danielle Toppin

Denis McIntosh

Jean and Winston Small

Juliana Inniss

Nyzingha Onifa

Oneka Small

Our collector items are displayed with work by contemporary artists who use ideas, symbols and feelings of Africa in their present-day work. Some are also collectors:

Ann Rudder

Courtney Devonish

Daniel Toppin

Doreen Edwards

Fred Odle

Hedy Klineman,

Onkphra Wells

William Cummins

Together they show continuity in our excitement and love for Africa.

Oneka | 2018 Featured Artists and work from Private Collections: • Jason Hope • Hebron Chism • William Cummins • Ann Rudder • Hedy Klineman • Martina Pilé • Cher-Antoinette Corbin • Margaret Herbert • Courtney Devonish • Kenneth Blackman • Oneka Small • Julianna Inniss • Tracey Deoliver Greenidge • Danielle Toppin • Ronald Williams • Fred Odle • Onkphra Wells • Doreen Edwards • Collection of Julianna Inniss • Collection of Denis McIntosh • Collection of Jean Small • Collection of Alan Cummins • Collection of Kofi Small • Collection of Richard Goddard • Collection of Oneka Small • Collection of William Cummins • Collection of Nazingha Caddle

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