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Sweet Spots: The Art of the Landscape

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Sweet Spots - the Art of the Landscape presents a break or rest from the rigours of ever day life.

It calls to mind Sunday drives through the country with breath-taking views aptly captured by John Webster, Rommell Yearwood and Tracy Greenidge, hikes through the last stand of virgin forest in Barbados by Sheri AnnMarie Nicholls, and meditations in nature by Julia Seymour and Alison Chapman Andrews where we can transcend reality and contemplate our internal landscapes as reflected by Kraig Yearwood. Tracey Williams emphasizes the beauty that surrounds us when we stop to feel and look. Fielding Babb represents the built environment integral to the landscape. It makes us think about the development of our newest commercial centre at Warrens and how we balance modern day living with an island context. How do we satisfy our needs without losing our identity and sacrificing our environment? William Cummins reminds us of our very direct impact on the earth as we reshape and control it through agriculture, extremely hard work essential to our sustenance. Lorna Rose reminds us that we are nature and as such must remember the role that we play in maintaining the balance. We reflect the state of the Earth. Oneka Small suggests that maybe we need to remember the simplicity of bygone eras to be able to reconnect with self. The energy that flows through everything is felt in the work of Hugh Walker and Heather Dawn Scott. We must be ever aware of our relationship with this flow. The work of Kenneth Blackman shows us that forces greater than ourselves are constantly at work on the landscape, forming, shaping and changing.

Our Sweet Spots are indeed a blessing. Let’s continue to hold them dear as we guard the peace of living.

Oneka Small | Curator

2019 Featured Artists • Alison Chapman-Andrews • Fielding Babb • Heather Dawn Scott • Hugh Walker • John Webster • Julia Seymour • Kenneth Blackman • Kraig Yearwood • Lorna Rose • Oneka Small • Rommell Yearwood • Sheri "AnnMarie" Nicholls • Tracey Williams • William Cummins

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