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Inside Out

Curatorial Statement

Magic, as defined by the Webster’s dictionary, is the Art of using supernatural power.

Art is Magic. Taking an idea and creating a new reality is powerful. When the reality that you create impacts and changes other humans in a positive way it is alchemy, and when a negative is transformed into a positive for the benefit of the wider society, this is supreme.

The decade of the twenties started with disruption. It was ushered in by the Covid19 pandemic with unforetold personal challenges, and then the eruption of La Soufriere volcano in ’21 covering the island in ash from which none can escape. It remains tumultuous. In these times a power greater than physical might is needed.

Hedy Klineman, a German-born American artist has been ‘wintering’ in Barbados for the last 30 years

She started with a variety of pencils and crayons, migrating to her ‘magic pen’ – black ink on coloured paper - as lockdown stretched on. The output is dynamic, varied yet cohesive.

Hedy’s career spans 60+ years. She has constantly pushed boundaries within her life and her art. We have seen the evolution of her style and subject matter. She has been influenced by art movements - she is an abstract expressionist; her social landscape - she has responded to African diasporic challenges with her African American portraits; her environment - she Fantasy Flora series inspired by the beautiful gardens in her home. In essence the things from outside have been her general influences. She is usually inspired by the external. Hedy works also from inside herself from her spirituality. She meditates daily and is in touch with her higher being. The Buddha continues to inform certain bodies of her work.

This work is new and reflects the place where we have found ourselves. Literally inside. Lockdown sent her within to draw from her own fountain. A lot of us went there.

‘Inside Out is a stream of over 150 consciousness drawings done on recycled water paper and bright construction paper. Abstract in orientation, these soulful meditations remind us of things not virtual but real - faces, dances, masks, human interaction. They are similar yet each is distinct. Each piece resonates with the specific individual.

Hedy has donated this body of work to raise fund for children in Barbados. A magical gesture. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Optimist Club of Bridgetown, Barbados.

The exhibition is mounted in Norman Centre ,Bridgetown, Barbados from Monday June 7th 2021 to Saturday July 3rd 2021.

The public is invited to make purchases on

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